Hancock House Policies



Pre-order Policy

  • Pre-orders placed will not be charged until stock has arrived and item is ready to be shipped
  • Credit card information is held securely until time of transaction
  • Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
  • Cancellation of pre-orders is only available before transaction date


Returns Policy

  • Credit Only
  • No Cash Refunds
  • Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

All titles listed in our catalog (except remaindered titles or special sale priced items) are fully returnable, provided that they meet the following conditions:

  • They are 100% in resalable condition, i.e. there is no damage by customer price stickers, etc.
  • We have given written permission for return
  • Original invoice number, date and discount are enclosed
  • There are no returns for no fewer than 3 months and no more than 12 months from date of purchase
  • The freight must be paid by customer
  • For returns with no permission or invoice, returns will be credited at 50% of retail price.


Trade Policy

1- 4 Books = 20% 100-249 Books = 42%
5-49 Books = 40% 250-499 Books = 43%
50-99 Books = 41% 500 or More = 44%


  • Add $15 for shipping and handling to each order under $250.00 retail (Effective March 1, 2014)
  • Shipping is free for orders over $250.00 retail (Effective March 1, 2014)
  • Minimum trade order is $25 retail




North American - Short Discount Policy

CREDIT: We honor NA accounts that have established credit

2 or fewer copies of a single title 10% Discount
over 2 copies of a single title 15% Discount
25+ Mixed titles 20% Discount


Foreign (Outside of US/Canada) - Trade Policy

1 - 4 Books: 20%, Customer pays Freight
5+ Books: 50%, Customer pays Freight
  • All orders MUST be prepaid
  • $50 minimum order
  • All foreign orders are nonreturnable



  • All billings are in US dollars & shipped from Blaine WA USA.
  • Our administrative offices are in Canada
  • All transactions are cleared through our Canadian bank.
  • Visa & MC: all billings in US dollars converted to Canadian $.
  • Checks or Money Orders: must be drawn on a Canadian correspondent bank and must be bank encoded or we cannot complete order.
  • We are able to accept Paypal. Indicate this method in the 'comments' box and we will send you a 'request for payment' through our Paypal account.
  • Wire Transfer: We accept money wired to our account.
    Please add a $15 service fee.
    Email sales@hancockhouse.com for more information.


Foreign (Outside of US/Canada) - Short Discount Policy

PAYMENT: All orders must be Prepaid


1 or 2 copies / single title 15% Discount
over 2 copies / single title 20% Discount
over 25 Mixed titles 25% Discount
  • The maximum discount for Signed Numbered Limited Editions is 15%
  • All Non-NA accounts must Pre-pay Orders - no foreign accounts
  • Minimum order of $50.00 retail to qualify for any discount


Short Discount Titles

(Limited Editions, Limited Editions of regular Trade editions or short run titles)

  1. A Short Discourse of Hawking
  2. A Short Discourse of Hawking Limited Edition
  3. Abominable Snowmen
  4. Altai Snowcock
  5. America's Bigfoot: Fact not Fiction
  6. Arab Falconry
  7. Arab Falconry - Limited Edition
  8. Arab Falconry - Patrons Edition
  9. Attending Alaska's Birds
  10. Auks: Alcidae
  11. A Young Falconer's Walkabout
  12. Bald Eagles in Alaska
  13. Bigfoot Film Journal
  14. Bigfoot Times
  15. Birdkeeping the South African way DVD (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5)
  16. Brown Eared Pheasant
  17. Cheng and the Golden Pheasant
  18. Classical Falconry
  19. Compleat Falconer - Limited Edition
  20. Cracidae
  21. Crimson-Bellied Tragopan
  22. Cutting Up the North
  23. Dirt Hawking
  24. Duck Hawking
  25. Eagle Dreams
  26. Ecology & Management of Appalachian Ruffed Grouse (SD)
  27. Enter the Realm of the Golden Eagle
  28. Enter the Realm of the Golden Eagle Ltd Edition
  29. Falconry in Literature
  30. Falconry Uncommon
  31. Falconry and Hunting in Arabia
  32. Frank L. Beebe the Artist
  33. Fidget's Freedom
  34. Game Bird Breeders Handbook
  35. Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories
  36. Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories Limited Edition
  37. In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman
  38. Laggard
  39. Life With Birds
  40. Life of Osprey
  41. Loo Falconry
  42. Meet the Sasquatch
  43. Northern Goshawk
  44. Observations on Modern Falconry
  45. Pheasants of the World
  46. Raptors at Risk
  47. Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
  48. Shaheen
  49. Taming of Genghis
  50. True Pheasants
  51. Wildlife of Southern Forests
  52. The Yowie


Application For Credit

(Application MUST be COMPLETED IN FULL to update our computer records)

Company or Business Name: _______________________________
Street Address: ______________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________
Postal Code: _____________________
Phone: (____) __________________
Fax: (____) __________________
E-Mail: _____________________
Web: _________________________
Home Address: __________________________________
Postal Code: _______________________
Phone: ____________________
Fax: (____) _______________________
E-Mail: __________________________
Web: ____________________________
Business Status (Check One): Corporation ( ) Partnership ( ) Sole Proprietorship ( )
Name of Individual Applying: _________________  Position: _________________

If business is incorporated, list names of officers; if a partnership, list names of partners; if a sole proprietorship, list name of proprietor:

Credit References:
Bank Name: ___________________________________
Branch #: _____________________________________
Acct. #: _______________________________________
Branch #: _____________________________________
Acct. #: _______________________________________
Business References: (include phone number)
(2) _______________________________________________________________
(3) _______________________________________________________________

I/We make application for credit with Hancock House Publishers and certify that all statements given for the purpose of opening this account are true. I/We authorize verification of the above facts. I/We accept the following terms of credit and agree to abide by the same if the account is opened:

Net 30 days, 2 percent per month service charge on balances unpaid after 30 days. Prices subject to change without notice where listed. Racking/shelving are provided on LOAN only. The legal title to all goods represented by invoices shall not pass from the vendor to the purchaser until payment in full has been made by the purchaser.
Signature of Applicant: ____________________________ Date: ________________
Signature of Applicant: ____________________________ Date: ________________

It is hereby agreed that the display units listed below are the property of Hancock House Publishers Ltd. and are on loan for the exclusive display of books and products supplied by Hancock House Publishers.
Display Racks on Loan (1 - New spinner rack @ $350.00 value)
Agreed to by: ____________________________________ Date: _______________
Signature: ____________________________________




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