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Dreaming of Wolves:
Adventures in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania
Alan E. Sparks
Part travelogue, part memoir, part exposition of natural and cultural history, Dreaming of Wolves presents a unique and colorful story of adventure in a fascinating part of Europe that has remained largely untouched by modern trends and undiscovered by western travelers, at least until recently.
Whether joining the narrator as he tracks wolves in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains, or battles antagonistic shepherd dogs, or sits on the floor of a cave contemplating time and consciousness, or makes a journey through history to discover the real Dracula, as one reads Dreaming of Wolves one absorbs, almost without realizing it, a remarkable amount of factual information about wolves, about the history of Romania, about animal behavior, and even about physics.
The author’s beautiful color photographs of the people, animals and locales enhance the narrative and help the reader to understand the cultural and historical perspectives that influence life in Romania today.
96 color photos
US $22.95

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