Digital Photography and Publishing

This will explore and discuss the creation, editing, storage, and use of images in publishing today. From tips and techniques to legal concerns, archival, computer imaging and all manner of photography and photo publishing topics and concerns.

Today's publishing world deals with digital images and computer to press technologies but not all images start life as digital. Many Hancock House books have photos from decades and centuries past, and future books will continue to do so. This forum will concentrate on what it takes to deal with images in today's technological publishing climate.

We look forward to hearing from you, tips and techniques you value, questions, observations, problems and solutions.

Our main moderator, Richard Pitt, has a long and varied history with photography, printing, video, movies, computers and the Internet - and brings all of his experiences and background to help you understand the processes and techniques involved in getting the best results into print or onto the net.

Of course David Hancock is very much a noted photographer, specializing in wildlife and natural history. He'll share some of his secrets and stories with you too.

Photography and Publishing starts below with the most recently created item at the top. Please browse and or comment. If you are unable to see any articles below, please click here

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If I Use "AUTO" - Is It Just a Snapshot?

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There are a lot of professional photographers who deride anyone who uses a camera's automatic focus and/or exposure to take pictures.

I'm not one of them. In my opinion the really radical of these fanatics should be relegated to using an old plate camera on a 100lb tripod with a lens cap for a shutter. Personally I'll take all the help I can get from the camera that allows me to concentrate more on the subject and what I want from it.

Don't get me wrong. There are times when taking the time to set the camera's exposure and aperature and then concentrate solely on the focus is the way; say when you have studio lights or well balanced flash and a fairly static subject. Or when you have consistent daylight - light overcast and few shadows - then it makes sense to preset.

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Big Data Storage

Much of my business over the past 25+ years has involved introducing people and businesses to the concept of bigger and bigger digital storage for their data and digitized media, using the mass-market technologies of the day.

Back when I began, most available micro-computers had only floppy disks for storage. Hard drives were available but they were thousands of dollars for a few megabytes (e.g. $5,000 for 8 Megs for a Tandy Model II hard disk drive in 1980.) But the programs of the day stored mostly compressed numeric data that took up only 2-4 bytes for numbers of any reasonable size, and minimal text data for comments and such. The programs worked hard at getting the maximum out of the little storage available.

Today, we deal with images, faxes, music and video on our systems. The amount of storage we use is incredible compared to that of 25 years ago - yet the cost is so minimal that many people think little of adding another 100+ Gigabytes of storage or creating a CD or DVD of their myriads of information.

This article will cover some of the options available for adding such vast amounts of storage to a home or business computer system. Other articles will go into more depth on some of the options presented here, especially for storing and cataloguing images.

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Introduction to Photography and Publishing Forum

I've been a photographer since before I was a teenager. My father taught me black and white darkroom technologies and techniques in the early 1960s and I've taken a huge number of photos of all kinds. I've even been paid for many, so I guess that makes me a professional (I earned much of my living for a couple of years with my camera).

I have a collection of older cameras and have had my share of good quality systems, from Canon to Nikon, Pentax, etc., and have worked with 16mm and 35mm movie systems too.

More recently I've been using 8mm video as well as a number of digital "instamatics" for pictures for web sites and keepsakes; and last year purchased a Nikon D70 digital with the expectation of doing some more professional-quality work.


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