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The Buffalo Cookbook

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Hancock House Publishers combines two of your favorite topics, Western History and Cooking, to bring you a taste of the real Western Historic cooking while at the same time giving you a cookbook that will help keep you healthy.

The Buffalo Cookbook is 152 pages packed with dishes that range from Low-salt Buffalo Jerky through Bison, Beans, and Brew, and on to Bordeaux Roast Bison. The illustrations are flavored with period and native settings and fit right in with the theme of our latest set of historic books.


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Wild Canadian West

Wild Canadian WestFor too many years Canadians have considered the history of the Wild West to be the exclusive domain of men and women who inhabited the southwestern states of Kansas, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming. These places won the distinction through a combination of default and reams of print churned out by dime novelists, many of whom had never ventured west.

There were occasional passing glances at Montana because of the exploits of Henry Plummer and his gang of cutthroats called, ironically, The Innocents, as well as the exploits of Virginia City's mayor muisance Jack Slade. For the most part, such heavyweights as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, the Dalton boys and the Doolin gang and a few others such as Butch Cassidy or the Cimarron Kid held sway.

Lawmen such as Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Wild Bill Hickok still swagger their way through the history pages as the ones who stood for law and order. Few others were considered to be at their level although a great many towered above that particular trio.

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A Doctor's Notes by Dr. T.F. Godwin

History & Biography

A Doctor's Notes

David Ingram interviews author Dr. Tom Godwin, about his new book, A Doctor's Notes: Taken From Both Sides of the Bedsheets.


Dr. Godwin participated in pioneer heart monitoring in 1962 at the Toronto General Hospital. In 1968 he became the first chief of cardiology at New Westminster's Royal Columbian Hospital.

During his youth, Tom suffered some serious athletic injuries, including a broken neck, but these experiences sparked his interest in medicine and led to his career as a physician.

Tom shares stories from his career, as well as his outspoken views on the medical system and thoughts on some of the pressing social issues of our time.


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