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The Soul Solution - The need for a theology of the earth

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The Soul Solution

By living The Way as Teddy Goldsmith calls it, thoughtfully, lightly and with respect, the Harringtons show us the richness of lives lived filled with love and spirit. The Soul Solution is their critique of our dilemma and their uplifing vision of what can be.

-Dr. David Suzuki

In this amazing book, Bob Harrington leads us on an immersive intellectual and spiritual journey. It compels us to look inward at our views of ourselves, our world, our spirituality and philosophy in an intensely personal way. In this inspiring book, we read of one man's personal testament of his relationship with life on earth. We are offered a renewed sense hope for a future that otherwise appears increasingly bleak.


A spiritual journey illuminating the importance of the connectedness between all life forces. It is the author's belief that the rekindling of this soul force will save this planet. This book offers a positive pathway to a future where economics and nature become partners in achieving this solution.

"Annotations" list of recommended titles for B.C. high school libraries.
Produced by B.C. Min. of Education and Assn. of Book Publishers of B.C.

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