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John Green Sasquatch Summit

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 A quick glance through our catalog will show that while we publish a large range of books, covering Northwest history, aviculture of all kinds and more general titles, one of our fond favourites, and best sellers, is our Cryptozoology titles. David Hancock, as a long time biologist, has held a deep interest in all of cryptozoology  and recently was asked to partake in the John Green Sasquatch Summit, held in Harrison a couple of weeks ago. Below, you can find some pictures and tales from the event, including a link to John Green's impressive database compiled from sightings around the world.


John Green's Sasquatch Summit

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The Track Record - A Bigfoot Encyclopedia

The Track Record - A Bigfoot EncyclopediaThe Track Record was written by Ray Crowe of Hillsboro, OR. Ray collected sighting reports and fascinating articles from throughout the world via his web of contacts. The newsletters totaled 174 and over 3000 pages and were much too bulky to print and distribute.

North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) purchased the rights to Mr. Crowe's research in 2007 and immediately took on the task of developing an index for the entire Track Record collection.


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Meet The Sasquatch


Meet the Sasquatch

Never before have so many resources been researched and consulted on the phenomenon, nor have so many associated photographs been published under one cover. The author Chris Murphy and his associates, all active sasquatch researchers, produced the work to accompany an extraordinary exhibit at the Vancouver Museum, Vancouver British Columbia in the summer of 2004.

While the last chapter on Sasquatch has yet to be written, here is the full story of what we know about the creature to date. The supplemental information contributed by other researcher, scientists, artists and technicians makes this a unique publication.

Meet the Sasquatch is the encyclopedia about the Sasquatch. The level and quality of research and photographic coverage will amaze both the believers and skeptics alike. Chris Murphy, John Green and Thomas Steenburg have published many papers and over a dozen books on this topic.

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The Sasquatch as a Travel Companion

By Raph Goulet, Summer of2008

During my stay at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation in the summer of 2008 I was given the most peculiar task. Putting the reader into context is in order here before revealing the comical and unexpected anecdote that resulted from this unusual appointment. My name is RaphaŽl Goulet and I am student at McGill University in Montreal, doing my Masterís on the urban ecology of Bald Eagles in south-coastal British Columbia. My thesis supervisor Dr. David Bird has been a long-time friend of David Hancockís and through their relationship I found my way out west to study my favourite bird using the long term eagle records of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation as a starting point.

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The following panels explain the abbreviated/condensed story of the sasquatch, yeti, and Russian snowman. What you see here are the simple facts as we know them. John Green assisted me in creating the stories, Tom Steenburg read and concurred with all that is shown, and Roger Knights edited all material.

By clicking on the panel, you will see a first stage enlargement. It is not large enough to read. Position the cursor on an image and wait about three seconds or so. A small box with four arrows will appear in the lower right side of the image. Click on this box and a fully readable image will appear - scroll down as required.

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