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African Parrots

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African Parrots

The biggest threat to most avian species is deforestation and the destruction of their native habitats. For this reason, both the authors, Jean Pattison and Rick Jordan, believe that a stronghold of every species of parrot must be established in captivity if their kinds are to survive into the future.

As well, the authors believe that not only must each species be represented in captivity, but also they must be well managed; and these populations must become capable of sustaining themselves in captivity, indefinitely.

This objective can only be reached through sound educational materials that reinforce the concepts of professional captive genetic management for every species now kept in aviculture. The concept of a managed captive population, and good record keeping, prompted the authors to write African Parrots and donate the proceeds to the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.

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Encyclopedia of Aviculture

Aviculture / Birds

Encyclopedia of Aviculture

Aviculturists today are faced with the challenge of establishing captive-bred strains that are no longer reliant on replenishments from wild stock, while helping to reduce the current rate of species extinctions. The Encyclopedia of Aviculture, by Glen Holland and a number of outstanding and experienced aviculturalists, is an exceptionally complete and helpful reference with a wealth of helpful information.


The most up-to-date and detailed compilation of world wide Avicultural species recorded to date. The book is devoted to exploring key aviculture subjects not usually discussed in detail in aviculture reference books.

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Peerless on Pekins - Book Review

Aviculture / Birds

Pekin Robins and Small SoftbillsPekin Robins and Small Softbills: Management and Breeding

Book Review by Matthew Guest
Cage & Aviary Birds, June 4, 2009

Matthew Guest is an experienced estrildid finch breeder and serves on the committee of the Waxbill Finch Society.

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Encyclopedia of Aviculture - Book Review

Aviculture / Birds

Encyclopedia of AvicultureDaniel M. Brooks, Ph.D.
Curator of Vertebrate Zoology
Cracid Specialist Group Chair
The Houston Museum of Natural Science
May 2009

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