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African Parrots

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African Parrots

The biggest threat to most avian species is deforestation and the destruction of their native habitats. For this reason, both the authors, Jean Pattison and Rick Jordan, believe that a stronghold of every species of parrot must be established in captivity if their kinds are to survive into the future.

As well, the authors believe that not only must each species be represented in captivity, but also they must be well managed; and these populations must become capable of sustaining themselves in captivity, indefinitely.

This objective can only be reached through sound educational materials that reinforce the concepts of professional captive genetic management for every species now kept in aviculture. The concept of a managed captive population, and good record keeping, prompted the authors to write African Parrots and donate the proceeds to the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.

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Build your own collection of favorite recipies. Includes handy cooking tips!


My Personal Cookbook


Carol Ann Shipman Natures Gourmet Series - My Personal Cookbook is sure to become one of the most useful books in your cookery library. One that you will refer to again and again, because after all, you made it - a collection of your favorite recipies in one cookbook. Even if you're just starting on the adventure of cooking, you'll feel at home with this book beside you.


So have fun - write, cut and paste together a journal of your favorite recipies, or pass it around to family and friends and create a book that will last a lifetime.

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Meet The Sasquatch


Meet the Sasquatch

Never before have so many resources been researched and consulted on the phenomenon, nor have so many associated photographs been published under one cover. The author Chris Murphy and his associates, all active sasquatch researchers, produced the work to accompany an extraordinary exhibit at the Vancouver Museum, Vancouver British Columbia in the summer of 2004.

While the last chapter on Sasquatch has yet to be written, here is the full story of what we know about the creature to date. The supplemental information contributed by other researcher, scientists, artists and technicians makes this a unique publication.

Meet the Sasquatch is the encyclopedia about the Sasquatch. The level and quality of research and photographic coverage will amaze both the believers and skeptics alike. Chris Murphy, John Green and Thomas Steenburg have published many papers and over a dozen books on this topic.

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CBA Urges Canadian Heritage to Reject's Application to Establish a New Business in Canada

Hancock House News

 *8 March 2010 – Toronto* – Last week Canadian Booksellers Association (CBA) was alerted to the fact that had lobbied the government asking for a review of the Investment Canada Act so they could establish a new cultural business in Canada. Subsequently, the following announcement appeared on the Privy Council Office website:


“Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, considering it in the public interest, on the recommendation of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, pursuant to section 15 of the Investment Canada Act, hereby orders that the investment by, Inc. to establish a new Canadian business carried on by Amazon Fulfillment Services Canada Inc. be reviewed.”

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Loo Falconry - The Royal Loo Hawking Club 1839-1855

Falconry / Raptors

 The Loo Falconry

This book of falconry is indespensible.


In the nineteenth century in Europe, falconry was carried out in a spectacular and vibrant way. And there was no more impressive activity than that taking place at the Dutch palace of the House of Orange-Nassau.


It was there that the Royal Loo Hawking Club came into being. Founded by passionate falconry advocates famous for their Haut Vol falconry, flying falcons at the graceful and high flying heron, all too soon the Club passed into oblivion.


The Loo Falconry celebrates the colorful history and prestige of this international society.

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