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The Soul Solution - The need for a theology of the earth

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The Soul Solution

By living The Way as Teddy Goldsmith calls it, thoughtfully, lightly and with respect, the Harringtons show us the richness of lives lived filled with love and spirit. The Soul Solution is their critique of our dilemma and their uplifing vision of what can be.

-Dr. David Suzuki

In this amazing book, Bob Harrington leads us on an immersive intellectual and spiritual journey. It compels us to look inward at our views of ourselves, our world, our spirituality and philosophy in an intensely personal way. In this inspiring book, we read of one man's personal testament of his relationship with life on earth. We are offered a renewed sense hope for a future that otherwise appears increasingly bleak.


A spiritual journey illuminating the importance of the connectedness between all life forces. It is the author's belief that the rekindling of this soul force will save this planet. This book offers a positive pathway to a future where economics and nature become partners in achieving this solution.

"Annotations" list of recommended titles for B.C. high school libraries.
Produced by B.C. Min. of Education and Assn. of Book Publishers of B.C.

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Wings Over the Wilderness - The Story of the Secret World War II Airway

Wings Over the WildernessThe clouds of war had finally burst upon the Soviet Union. Code-named "Operation Barbarossa," the June 22, 1941, attack by Nazi Germany came as a thunderclap in the night as signaled the start to one of history's most bloody and bitter conflicts.

Empoying the same blitzkrieg tactics that proved so successful in earlier conquests, the powerful Wehrmacht crushed all opposition and swiftly conquered huge tracts of Soviet territory. With relative ease, the hightly skilled German Luftwaffe swept the skies of Red air power, pulverized troop concentration and demolished Soviet industry.

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Wild Canadian West

Wild Canadian WestFor too many years Canadians have considered the history of the Wild West to be the exclusive domain of men and women who inhabited the southwestern states of Kansas, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming. These places won the distinction through a combination of default and reams of print churned out by dime novelists, many of whom had never ventured west.

There were occasional passing glances at Montana because of the exploits of Henry Plummer and his gang of cutthroats called, ironically, The Innocents, as well as the exploits of Virginia City's mayor muisance Jack Slade. For the most part, such heavyweights as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, the Dalton boys and the Doolin gang and a few others such as Butch Cassidy or the Cimarron Kid held sway.

Lawmen such as Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Wild Bill Hickok still swagger their way through the history pages as the ones who stood for law and order. Few others were considered to be at their level although a great many towered above that particular trio.

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Tlingit Art - Totem Poles & Art of the Alaskan Indians

Tlingit ArtThe Tlingit Indians of the Northwest Coast carved interior house posts, portal entrances and free standing totem poles with crests of animals, sea creatures, birds, legendary and human figures, successfully combining symbolism and realism. This book examines the social and artistic relevance of the Tlingit carving and relates many of the fascinating North American Indian legends upon which some of the carvings are based.


The insignia of the Pacific Northwest Coast cultures is the "Totem Pole." Historically, and continuing to the present time, eight different Indian groups inhabit an area extending from Yakutat Bay in southeastern Alaska to the Straits of Juan de Fuca lying off the north coast of Washington state; they comprise the Nootka, Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, Haida, Bella Coola, Salish, Makah and Tlingit.

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Squandering Billions - Health Care in Canada

General Interest

Squandering Billions - Health Care in Canada

A brutally frank indictment of health spending in Canada. The book demonstrates that the absolute power of medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health bureaucrats and hospital administrators, enshrines mediocrity at the expense of patients. Mistakes inefficiency and malpractice in the Canadian health system may be causing ten times more unnecessary deaths a year than the toll from traffic accidents (3,000) and crime (500).


Some acute care hospitals seem to have become disease factories. Why do health care tragedies not face the scrutiny typically focused upon other accidental and wrongful death? Canadian Medicare was designed to insure the patient, not the practitioner. Why, then, are medical doctors and hospitals exempted from competition?


Evidence shows conclusively that expanded use of community health centres, nurse practitioners, doctors of chiropractic and others can be more effective and less expensive within their area of expertise. This book goes where official commissions have been afraid to travel.

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