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Dreaming of Wolves: Adventures in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania is a fascinating must-read for everyone interested in adventure, ecology and the co-existence of man and wild animals.

Author Alan E. Sparks’ remarkable narrative of his life-changing experiences in Romania provides an extraordinary portrait of the lives of wolves and the people with whom they have co-existed for centuries in an exotic region of the world — a region often associated with bloodthirsty vampires and marauding creatures somewhat resembling wolves.

Offering a perspective from another place and another culture, this timely book is also an entertaining memoir and travelogue, weaving into a fascinating story of adventure an introduction to the natural and cultural wonders of Romania (including 32 pages of beautiful color photographs).

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Hancock Wildlife Foundation Appointed Wildlife Book Marketing Agency

Hancock House Publishers appoints the Hancock Wildlife Foundation its exclusive agent for wildlife titles


The Hancock Wildlife Foundation gets another boost from Hancock House Publishers Ltd -- the Foundation will take over the entire marketing and promotions of the Hancock House specialized wildlife titles and generate a revenue source for this function. Because Hancock House has the existing order entry, credit card and distribution functions, these will for now still be handled by Hancock House.
Read on for David Hancock's expansion on this announcement...



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Marketing Books Today

The book publishing business has changed since the advent of the Iinternet, and continues to change as the Internet and technology evolve and people's reading habits change.

This is not just about what they read, but how and when they read. As publishers, we have to understand this and adapt what we do with the new market and the new ways people want to get their reading materials.

This is the first in what will be a series of essays on the book trade from the point of view of Hancock House as a small, targetted publisher. We'll focus on various aspects of the trade as it pertains to both the reader and the resellers that we work with. Some of the articles will be only available to members of our site — our resellers  — and some will be available to you, the reading public.

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The Buffalo Cookbook

Hancock House Publishers combines two of your favorite topics, Western History and Cooking, to bring you a taste of the real Western Historic cooking while at the same time giving you a cookbook that will help keep you healthy.

The Buffalo Cookbook is 152 pages packed with dishes that range from Low-salt Buffalo Jerky through Bison, Beans, and Brew, and on to Bordeaux Roast Bison. The illustrations are flavored with period and native settings and fit right in with the theme of our latest set of historic books.


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Dirt Hawking - A Rabbit & Hare Hawker's Guide

From author Joe Roy, who has been involved in falconry since he was a boy, comes the ultimate handbook for rabbit and hare hawkers. 

Joe's company, Aerial Predators and Ecology is dedicated to furthering conservation through education. This book, newly arrived this Spring, deals with not only the physical and mental conditioning of the hunting hawk but also in-depth information on the rabbits and hares, finding them, population assessment, and their long-standing relationship with man.

Dirt Hawking is the ultimate rabbit and hare hawker's handbook. Well researched and expertly written, Dirt Hawking is a must read for both the dedicated and the beginner rabbit/hare hawker.

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