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 Cryptozoology news isn't often a daily thing, when the beasts have yet to be discovered, the news tends to come in dribs and drabs. But yesterday and today bring new information out into the open, both of which involve the Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti angles.


First off, yesterday, it was announced Russia was putting together a Yeti Institute to study the creature, or at least research what they do know.


Yeti Institute In Russia


Next up, coming in this morning, a story out of North Carolina, where a somewhat (ok, really blurry) shaky and unfocussed chunk of video has surfaced, purportedly of a Bigfoot in the area. Judge for yourself, though the initial question that comes to mind is how does one get such blurry footage in these days of hi-def, handheld camcorders? Nonetheless, an interesting tale!


Knobby Spotted in North Carolina 


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March is Aviation Month

 While the focus of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation has typically been feathered flight, ie, Eagles and Falcons and many of our books are involved with such matters, we also have a fairly extensive catalog of man-made flight. We've decided to celebrate that this month by offering you any of our Aviation books. From bush flying to the delivery of WWI era bombers via Alaska, we're sure you can find something appealing. Just use WINGS11 as a promo code for an immediate 10% off.


You can find the full list of titles here.

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Soul Solution Video

 It's always a pleasure when we come across video footage of our authors, talking about their books. The Harringtons discuss various topics regarding their book and it's a revealing look. Filmed November 18th, 2010.

"The Soul Solution. An interview with noted author and environmentalist, Robert F. Harrington and his wife Linda. This is an informal interview, a rare glimpse of this reclusive gentleman and his wife. Bob and Linda Harrington have spent many years privately funding and managing small environmental restoration projects, as well as writing and publishing several books on environmental matters."







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February is Cryptozoology month!


Cryptozoology is the search for animals whose existence has not been conclusively proven. With shows like the History Channel's MonsterQuest being seen lately on TV, the interest in such animals never goes away as new generations rediscover the legends, and the myths.


From the sasquatch of North America to Europe's legendary kraken, the sheer variety of mythological animals makes for fascinating reading.


Hancock House publishes some of the finest reference books on cryptozoology, and for the month of February we are offering them to you at 10% off! Just use CRYPTO10 when you checkout.


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Welcome to 2011!

 First off, welcome to 2011! All of us here at Hancock House Publishers wish you a very happy new year. One of our resolutions for the year was a simple one; update the web site a little more often with some of the exciting new books we have coming up later on in the spring. 


For the moment, one of last year's books picked up a glowing review and we felt we'd start the year off with that. The book is Chris Murphy's Know The Sasquatch/Bigfoot and the review was written by Ray Crowe on the Bigfoot Encounters Website. If you are interested, follow the link below :


Know The Bigfoot review


Thank you again for your patronage in 2010 and check back here on a regular basis as we will begin releasing news on some of our upcoming titles for 2011.

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