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Award for Dreaming of Wolves

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Congratulations to Hancock House author Alan Sparks for winning Best Nature Book of 2011 in the National Indie Excellence Awards for Dreaming of Wolves.  And the book was also named as a finalist for the Adventure category!


Great news, Alan. We're all really excited for you!  


For the complete list of winners, see the link below :

The National Indie Excellence Awards for 2011



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May Specials

Hancock House News

Although the calendar clearly states that Earth Day has already passed for 2011, the environment is an enduring topic in these offices. Of course, our earthly environment is always with us; we are surrounded by it at any given point in time. And yet we inhabitants of this planet still fail to take adequate care of our resource. While it's fair to say that we certainly are much more mindful of the planet and our effects on it now than we were, say, 50 years ago, there is still much work to be done, both in preserving what we have and, in too many cases, repairing what we have destroyed.


Many of our books center around conservation, but one book, The Soul Solution by Bob Harrington, is an eloquent appeal for a theology of the earth, challenging readers to change their lives in order to change the world. To quote from the synopsis:


"The Soul Solution examines the place of humankind in the kinship of all life, and how the unthinking pursuit of the material has removed us from our connection with a living earth."


Originally published in 2000, the new edition has been revised and has a foreword written by David Suzuki. It's proven to be a popular title for us and one we are very proud to have published. You can purchase your copy of The Soul Solution here :


Bob Harrington's perfect companion piece to this is Testimony for Earth: A Worldview to Save the Planet and Ourselves, called "an indispensable blueprint for humankind's survival" by the senior editor of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. This essential reading can be found here:


Bob Harrington also writes on the web, and these two articles center around an issue that never quite manages to get resolved in British Columbia, the effects of dams upon our river systems. Filled with good research and Bob's keen insight, these articles are a worthy and very enlightening read.


Bob Harrington is a lifelong environmentalist whose first books on the environment, warning about the damage we are doing and the need to change our lifestyles, were published by Hancock House in the early nineties. We have a great and growing selection of titles centered around the environment. This month,If you purchase any of the books listed below (or the Harrington's excellent The Soul Solution mentioned above), put ENVIRO10 as a promo code in the shopping cart and receive an immediate 10% discount.


Extinction : The Future Of Humanity


Dreaming of Wolves : Adventures in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania


River Lost


White Spirit Bear


Story of Eagle


Mount Rainier


In the words of Linda Harrington, Bob's wife, just this morning :


Mend the part of the world that is within your reach

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John Green Sasquatch Summit

 A quick glance through our catalog will show that while we publish a large range of books, covering Northwest history, aviculture of all kinds and more general titles, one of our fond favourites, and best sellers, is our Cryptozoology titles. David Hancock, as a long time biologist, has held a deep interest in all of cryptozoology  and recently was asked to partake in the John Green Sasquatch Summit, held in Harrison a couple of weeks ago. Below, you can find some pictures and tales from the event, including a link to John Green's impressive database compiled from sightings around the world.


John Green's Sasquatch Summit

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April Showers bring May flowers?

Northwest Dryland Wildflowers


Quite fittingly, on this first day of April (No, we do not have any April Fools jokes hiding within the site despite a great temptation...), it's pouring rain at Hancock House. But, as the title suggests, we know this will help bring about the flowers of spring. To help celebrate this event, we've put all our Botany/Plant guides on sale for the entire month of April.


Choose any of the titles below and enter SPRING11 as the promotion code and get 10% off of your order!


Hancock House's Botany Collection


Meanwhile, we're off in search of a few umbrellas.

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Spring means Bald Eagles and their babies

 As many of you are aware, Hancock House also is directly involved with the Hancock Wildlife Foundation. One of the things that the Foundation has done over the years is to setup and manage some internet-based cameras which peer into a handful of Bald Eagle nests located around the Vancouver and Victoria areas. As it is now Spring, this means one thing around here, it's nesting time! You can peek into the nests, 24 hours day via the cameras that have been setup from this link : Live Eagle Cams


Of course, as our business here at Hancock House is to sell books, you can find a wide range of books specifically dealing with Bald Eagles and other birds from the raptor family. Take a look through some of our titles, we are sure they would sit quite nicely within your own library.


Current Eagle/Raptor title listing



Of course, with all the activity of this comes the usual media attention and the last couple of days have been no different. The cams have picked up mentions in our local paper, The Source, the text is included below under the cut, but we also saw mentions in the Vancouver paper, The Province and Wired magazine, the long running online tech magazine (which is still published on paper, imagine that!) . We're sure there will be a flurry of articles over the next while and be sure to check in on the cameras around mid April when the eggs that have been laid will begin to hatch.





The Province :

All eyes on webcam eagles as eggs set to hatch next month in Sidney, Hornby island

Wired Magazine :

Baby Bald Eagles Will Hatch on Live Webcam





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