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Hancock House Author Nominated for Canadian Hillman Prize

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Congratulations to Bob Harrington for his Canadian Hillman Prize nomination for his illuminating series on dams in


Bob and his wife, Linda, are lifelong environmentalists. Their two most recent books—The Soul Solution and Testimony for Earth—are essential reading for us all.


The Soul Solution: The Need for a Theology of the Earth — a plea for humanity to reconnect with Nature and rebuild its relationship with the Earth.


Testimony for Earth: A Worldview to Save the Planet and Ourselves — an indispensable blueprint for our survival.


And also check this gifted and thoughtful writer's earlier books: Listening to the Earth: A Spiritual Journey with Nature and To Heal the Earth: The Case for an Earth Ethic.

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Dreaming of Wolves Book Trailer



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Long-awaited reprints of some of our most compelling biography and history titles are here!


Take a look at the great books listed below, and add them to your winter-reading library now!


Crooked River Rats: The Adventures of Pioneer Rivermen

tells the tales of the river pioneers who opened up the northern regions of BC


Descent Into Madness: The Diary of a Killer

the true story of BC wilderness murderer and madman, Michael Oros


Broken Wings: Tragedy & Disaster in Alsaka Civil Aviation

reveals the details behind numerous air disasters in the Alaskan wilderness


Outposts and Bushplanes

a down-to-earth account of the colorful individuals who settled the isolated northern BC wilderness

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 and the living is, well, rainy here on the west coast.


Apparently we didn’t get the memo about sunshine, heat and lazy summer days. So, when the weather doesn’t cooperate and outside activities are restricted, we have some great summer reads to keep you occupied. And take some books to the beach or the cottage when summer finally catches up and shows its face.


First of all, we have two great NEW titles to check out:


ALASKA’S PREDATORS: Their Ecology & Conservation is a celebration of 22 top predators—land, air and marine—and the essential role they play in complex ecosystems. Full color throughout.


Yale & the Strange Story of Jacko the Ape-boy, the latest addition to our cryptozoology titles, examines the capture of a sasquatch-like creature near Yale, BC in 1884 and his mysterious disappearance.

If history/biography is more your summer style, we have a great selection of fascinating stories, such as:


Mattie: Wyatt Earp’s Secret Second Wife

Shaking the Feather Boa, a country lawyer's life and experiences

and—an enduring favorite—A Doctor’s Notes, the story of local cardiologist Tom Godwin.


Check our catalog for other great titles too, and have a great summer!

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June Specials

Well now that the official start of summer is less than a few weeks away, it's time to begin contemplating summer vacation travel. If your plans are to be wandering around the Pacific Northwest this summer, take along a few of our Northwest flavoured history books to make the drives a little more entertaining. Hancock House has a large selection of books that look at how the Northwest was won, and to kick off your summer reading, we're going to waive the shipping costs on your order over $25 dollars. Some of our bestsellers and most popular local history titles are below but, feel free to choose from any of the titles listed here :


Frontier Forts and Posts : of The Hudson's Bay Company

The book offers a brief historical account of fur-trading outposts in the Pacific Northwest. Accompanied by numerous historical photos.


Time Travel In North Vancouver : A Peek into the Past

A fascinating pictorial history of North Vancouver city and district in British Columbia, covering over 90 locations scattered around the length and breadth of the region.


House of Suds: A History of Beer Brewing in Western Canada

Author Bill Hagelund draws upon his memories and knowledge as a brewery engineer to provide readers with historical and technical insight.


Be sure to check back here in the coming weeks, we have a few new titles that are on their way back from the printers and we'll post information about them here as they arrive. Have a great summer!

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