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The Sasquatch as a Travel Companion

By Raph Goulet, Summer of2008

During my stay at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation in the summer of 2008 I was given the most peculiar task. Putting the reader into context is in order here before revealing the comical and unexpected anecdote that resulted from this unusual appointment. My name is RaphaŽl Goulet and I am student at McGill University in Montreal, doing my Masterís on the urban ecology of Bald Eagles in south-coastal British Columbia. My thesis supervisor Dr. David Bird has been a long-time friend of David Hancockís and through their relationship I found my way out west to study my favourite bird using the long term eagle records of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation as a starting point.

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Hancock House is pleased to announce its first e-book:

The Murphy FileTHE BIGFOOT FILM JOURNAL, by Christopher L. Murphy. The work is available as a download from our website. Upon ordering the book, you will be provided with instructions. You will require the REGULAR ADOBE 7 OR 8 READER (which is available free of charge). E-books offer significant advantages: full color images, search capabilities, a "read out-loud" facility with Adobe 8 (computer voice actually reads the book) and above all, the ability to "link" other information. In his e-book book, Chris fully utilizes the link facility. If for, example, you are interested in the legalities of the bigfoot film (Patterson/Gimlin film), you can click on a link and review numerous legal documents.

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