Songs of the Pacific Northwest

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Songs of the Pacific NorthwestIn the Pacific Northwest from the days of the fur trade to the present, people have used songs to express and share their reactions to events. That the story told through song is so full and varied indicates a rich heritage in a land not generally recognized as having an English song tradition.


Broadly speaking the songs can be called "folk songs," a name which may be given to newer and authored songs if the writer's primary intent is social and communicative rather than commercial. Included are reworked or "parodied" songs and topical songs using traditional or popular tunes.

Two-fifths of the songs presented here came in printed or written form, often preserved in public archives; the remainder were collected orally from singers in many parts of British Columbia. The first edition of this book included most of the archival material, but only a selection of the oral. This new enlarged edition has more of the songs created in the province, including a number of songs of social significance omitted from the first edition for lack of space.


In this edition have been included a dozen more songs with their contexts. These have been added to the previous sections as they fit. One song, "Bank Trollers," based on a marritave poem by novelist Bill Sinclair, finds a place because Sinclair was also a troller, and many people are singing it.


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